nature protection


WWF - Reuniting communities
with ecosystems and wildlife


  rock organisations


DAV - Deutscher Alpenverein

CAB - Club Alpin Belge

Hayden Kennedy Fund - Improving rock site protection and climbing, in collaboration with
Access Fund


   rock libraries


TheCrag - In all aspects stronger than the commercial sites.

BelClimb - Belux rock

Climbapedia - Swiss rock

CampToCamp - Multipitch




Alex Eggermont - Squamish based

Aaron Huey - Seattle based

Beth Wald - Colorado based

Forest Woodward - North Carolina based

Jordan Manley - Vancouver based

Kelvin Trautman - South-Africa based

Pascal Maitre - Fontainebleau based

Jan Novak - Chamonix based

Rich Weather - Vancouver based


  climb journalism


New York Times - Trivial articles on climbing free

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