O  M  E       T  O  R  I  E  S       I  N  K  S       O  N  T  A  C  T 

Die ringbolzen des Nibelungen

Heidelberg came close. Streets turned into thick morning mist below us. We had made our way through a series of jaw-dropping cities and a village now to set foot in the Odenwald range. The autumn leaves ringle and even the trees outside are cold. Let's go! We walk up clouds that must have swallowed the old little fortress tower and the vineyard where we were earlier this year. We make it further up through the forest when suddenly we catch up the first signs of something above, of turmoil in the mist that wooshes up and thins. Despite the heavy gear we largen our steps, fasten our tread, and suddenly the first beams will break through.

We scramble up rocks and sneak around a fence on a cliff's edge, ending up the top of the hillside's vibrant orange-yellow porphyry quarry, hoovering above the woolen world below like airplanes. "Nett.." a guy approves and laughs.. "ohne BASF..". Indeed we find no trace of the chemical gigant BASF, producing plastics, colors, once even Zyklon-B, anything, any bright color in any product you see, and for the whole world. The chemical complex has no match elsewhere in the world*. But it's gone. Verschwunden.

Up here we easily find rock routes pierced by countless cracks, equiped German-style: bolts at least 8m from the ground and only where no mobile protection can be placed. But take your time and you'll be fine.

Then it's a holiday: Poppy Day, in remembrance of the absurd World War of Trenches and the masses send out by otherwordly opposing militarized traditionalist governments.

We continue the long weekend going deep inside Odenwald and visit two tall sandstone crags, where forests put the first leaves down as to make themselves a warm blanket for the dark winter.


*: But the largest chemical industry cluster is near Houston (Texas), followed by Antwerp.