O  M  E       T  O  R  I  E  S       I  N  K  S       O  N  T  A  C  T 

A to Z of climbing

Acht a Grown-up talk for one thousand million billion.

Bluepointing The accomplishment of looking up at a route deriving that you could do it, that way actually having it ticked.

Crux 1) Core 2) Core problem 3) Bottleneck 4) Cross 5) Hard to solve problem, yeah this is a serious article 6) a vital or decisive stage, point, etc (often in the phrase the crux of the matter)

Dyno Ropeskipping but just once.

European Death Knot Unnecessary child-like reaction to our techniques in Europe because we on the contrary were right of calling out their American Death Triangle.

Font Place where it feels like before you've been climbing with cheats which suddenly don't work anymore.. 5c is the new 8a.

Gaston A shoulder move that papa and mama Rebuffat named their baby after.

Handjam Because headjam is even more painful.

Icicles See tufas.

JAAAAP??! STAND!! D*mnit, I think the army of Willem II Prince of Orange is coming and has delegated a well-oiled accidentfactory. This fear stems from a cultural difference between people who climb on the one hand, and kids from climbing themed drinking clubs from the north on the other.

Klimpolitie Belgium's secretive climbing police controlling sitstarts, dabs and preclips.

Ledge A momentary glitch in time and space where one can hide away from gravity.

Mama Command in case of trouble on a multipitch.

Never Amount of times you say you will do it again, immediately after finishing a cold alpine distant adventure.

Overhang A tendency in climbing religion which is taunted by other branches which split off early to doubt the metaphysical and theological legitimacy of the climbing style from a safe distance.

Pumped A grade of sourness normally only known among Marcel and Josiane who look dirty at the neighbours because they have a tree with a branch that may hang over their property and they have a Dacia Sandero, how can they pay for that?!

Quiche What you have to buy at the bakery near Fontainebleau when someone says we don't have spread for the bread and the bakery has only sweet pastry.

Runouts Exams for guardian angels.

Seven summits Seven tourist traps.

Tufa Because just secretly hugging rocks is not socially accepted yet.

Unsight You go into something which before you succeeded in onsighting, but now you fly out, then unfortunately we have to inform you that you unsighted the route.

Vermaledijde Exclamation in case of dismay when you don't find your hold getting pumped way above your last piece of protection.

What do you climb? Beginner's smalltalk which should not be answered with plastic/lime/crack/trad but more like the questions on family parties inquiring what your job is and how much you earn.

X-grading A sportgrading including a natural selection component.

Yosemite Where a climber goes to after life when the climber didn't pull too many draws and courageously climbed X-graded routes.

Z-clip An M-clip variant in which one sticks to one route.